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Club Penguin Series 8 Treasure Book

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I found a host!

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Ok im going to do…. WEB HOST! im going to start today

Lol today was sooooooo fun! i made a new friend:)

 Hey penguins, Double Mvp here. Yesterday, Cordexblitz showed you guys some sneak peeks of up-coming Series 8 Toys. Today, Club Penguin released the Series 8 Treasure Book! The items are pretty cool, but not the best. You can unlock 2 items from this treasure book if you purchase 1 Series 8 Club Penguin Toy. Take a look at the Series 8 Treasure Book pages below:
Front Cover:

Page 1:

Page 2:

Page 3:

Page 4:

Page 5:

Page 6:

Page 7:

Page 8:

The rest of the pages are repeated from the previous Treasure Books. They are the Super Exclusive Items, the puffles, and 500 coins. How do you like the Series 8 Treasure Book? I’d say it’s okay, not too great! Comment and let me know.

-Double Mvp

Club Penguin series 8

Hey guys, well today found this awesome exclusive of series 8 plushes, check this picture out.

My favourite is the penguin with the green cape & tunic, whats yours.

Btw, if ur gonna use this picture please credit me (cordexblitz)


Club Penguin Herbert’s Revenge Sneak Peek!


 I will have a giveaway ones the blog is done! (yes yes yes im still working on it. Well i better get back to work!)

Hey penguins, Double Mvp here. Billybob has given us a sneak peek of the “Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge” Nintendo DS game. Check it out below:

The Club Penguin team will be posting sneak peeks of the up-coming Nintendo DS game every Saturday until it’s released! The game should launch sometime next week. Are you going to buy the “Elite Penguin Force: Herbert’s Revenge” Nintendo DS game when it’s released? Comment and let me know!

-Double Mvp

New Issue

New club penguin times is here! In this weeks Issue it talks about Earth Day, and ways to keep ClubPenguin clean! 🙂

  • A2 – A3: Get Ready For Earth Day
  • A4 – A5: Your Igloo! Your Way!
  • B1 – B4: In Focus – Sizzling Sports
  • C7 – C8: Upcoming Events

What are you going to do for Earth Day?