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Before Club Penguin, there was a game created by Rocketsnail (Rnsail) called Penguin Chat. Penguin Chat was the game that Club Penguin was based off of.


In 2005 this game was closed and the players were told to move to a new game known as Club Penguin. I managed to dig up this screenshot of the message on the Penguin Chat website just before it closed.


Penguin Chat was very similar to Club Penguin, except there was only one room, the Town! There also was a coffee shop, night club, and gift shop like on Club Penguin. Here’s a picture of the town:


You could go inside the Night Club on Penguin Chat, but there was no DJ3K or Dance Contest. Here’s a picture of the Night Club:


Like Club Penguin, there was also igloos on Penguin Chat 3. Here’s a picture of a penguin in their igloo:


Penguin Chat also had emotions similar to Club Penguin. There are still some of these emotion symbols on Club Penguin now which came from Penguin Chat 3.


Penguin Chat also was the creator of the ninja penguin. Club Penguin was going to put ninja penguins when they first were created, but instead they chose secret agents. In November 2008, Club Penguin introduced the ninja. However, the ninja was created long before that on Penguin Chat 3.

When creating a penguin on Penguin Chat 3, if you clicked on the letter N for the “select your new penguin” screen you would be able to choose the ninja penguin.


Here is a picture of a ninja penguin from Penguin Chat 3. Notice how similar the ninja penguin from Penguin Chat 3 is to the ninjas on Club Penguin now.


Also like in Club Penguin, you could mine the ground if you wore a yellow hard hat.

Then, suddenly Penguin Chat 3 closed down and Club Penguin was created in August 2005. Rocketsnail announced a better version of Penguin Chat 3 known as Club Penguin. At this time, the Club Penguin website only had a logo and said it was under construction. Miniclip sponsored Club Penguin and many new members joined the game.

After 2 months of testing, Club Penguin officially opened in October 2005. The beta testing party lasted for a few parties, and penguins who helped test received a free beta party hat.


Penguins could pick up the beta party hat at the town. Here is what it looked like when you picked up the beta party hat.


Beta testers also got a free month of Club Penguin membership and 2000 coins added to their accounts. Ever since beta testing, Club Penguin has grown to one of the most popular online games and has over 35 million users worldwide.


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