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Puffle party Ultimate guide by cordexblitz!

Hey guys, cordexblitz posting,the puffle party has arrived so lets see what this year’s puffletastic sensesation has in store for us, shall we?

Free items:

I bet you all wanna know where the free items are, so here r the items you should collect.

Puffle rooms:

There are many rooms around the island dedicated to puffles, but there are some which actually show the puffle’s true character.

Red Puffle: Cove

  • Have fun with the red puffles, sing some campfire songs XD.
  • Float on the raft with your red furry friend.
  • Hmm what happens if you press the cannon?

Blue Puffle: Forest

  • Play with your buddies (and puffles) in the ball pit.
  • Hide and seek is a good game.
  • Also why not pretend you are a talking puffle.

Green puffle: Beacon

  • Gaze in awe as a green puffle goes on a tightrope with a unicycle, and juggling some balls.
  • Laugh as the two puffles on the bottom right have a burping contest.
  • Get dizzy as the green puffle flies in the air round and round he goes.

Pink Puffle: Iceberg

  • Jump on the trampoline with the other pink puffles.
  • Don’t forget to play with the skipping puffles too.

Yellow puffle: Lighthouse

  • Watch a tale of yellow puffle and another yellow puffle.
  • Let the artistic yellow puffle paint a picture of you.
  • Also dont forget about the other artistic puffle who makes sculptors.

Black Puffle: Pool

  • Watch in amazement as the black puffles do cool stunts.
  • Watch what happens if you press the red button.

Purple Puffle: Dance Club

  • Party like a rockstar with the puffles around you.
  • Why not make some tunes with the puffles dancing to it.

White puffle: Mine

  • Skate with the white puffles around you.
  • Stare in wonder as the white puffles take winter wonderland to the next level.
  • How long can you stare at the white puffles on the shelves until you start to shiver.

Ok so now that you have seen the puffle rooms, lets take a look at the members puffle circus.

This puffle circus is awesome. Don’t you love my white puffle’s new look, its so cute, also go over to the obstacle course, as you can see dupple is over there racing his green puffle.

I hope this guide helps you all, don’t forget to look at the other rooms too. Also don’t forget to keep viewing this site.



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