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Cp updates!!!!!!!!

We’ve long-awaited to find out what was behind that Rock Slide and today we can finally enter the Secret Cave. Grab a hard hat, dig for treasure and unlock secret rooms! Heres some Club Penguin Cheats you can dig up (literally)!

Head to the Mine, open your map or click on one of the above signs around Club Penguin!

Before you head in, grab a free Hard Hat.

Head on into the Secret Cave and help dig for treasure!

When you first get into the Secret Cave its dark, not to worry, throw a Snowball in the big purple/pink thing to turn the lights on!

Above is the instructions on how to dig for treasure. All you need to do is put on your Hard Hat and dance in the Dig Site!

After about 5 seconds of digging a screen will come up saying you have collected a piece of the Amethyst Pin!

Click continue and move to a different spot in the Dig Site. You will need all four pieces of the treasure to open the entrance to the Hidden Lakes.

Once you have found all the pieces claim prize.

Once you have claimed the Amethyst Pin the big boulder off to the right of the screen will move. This will reveal the entrance to the Hidden Lake!

In the Hidden Lake you can buy a Deep Sea Diving Suit and explore yet another room and get another item for your penguin!

Click on the “For Sale” Sign to open the Diving Catalog.

Theres only one item for sale, the Deep Sea Diving Suit and it only costs 50 Coins. Now you’ve got your Diving Suit, head even deeper in the sea!

Swim over to the Underwater Room Entrance (Member Only Room).

In this room you can get the Coral Background (if you can find it )

It’s not really that hard to see, but if you can’t find it check the pic above. It’s across from the orange fish!

Well I guess I was half right. I was expecting a new Aqua Grabber level because of the squid in the picture Billybob Posted. Instead, there’s an Aqua Grabber-Like Room! This reminds me of the Submarine Party and the Aqua Grabber level that you could win a Gold Ship Wheel Pin.

The Secret Cave will defiantly be updated. You can see the walkway by the pink/purple generator thing isn’t complete!

Lastly, I think it might be safe to say this Cave will return (its due to close the 28th) and then we finally have our blank monitor in the HQ filled



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  1. Hi. I am tech163 and I blog at clubpenguin.cc. I was just wondering if you can add me to your blogroll. Please add me as Club Penguin Cheats. Thanks!


    • you need to pay… if you want to e mail me at 97stargazer@cox.net tnx!


  2. Of course I can make it blue. But it won’t look exactly like that…

    • yes i want difrent colors i like blue and green

    • also did u get my email??

  3. great site very interesting.

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